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The specific objectives and purposes of the CCED are:


  • To create, test, refine and make available model CED curriculum in the United States and around the World,

  • To provide timely on-site assistance to CED organizations and institutions working the field, both in the United States and around the World,

  • To expand and redefine the field of community economic development through the design, incubation and
    spin-off of innovative and sustainable CED models, and

  • To engage directly and indirectly in all activities necessary or incidental to further the main purpose of the Center for Community Economic Development (CED).

India - Lebanon - Kenya - Portland, OR USA - Manchester, NH USA


  • To educate the public about community economic development (CED) strategies that provide relief to poor, distressed and underprivileged communities in the United States and around the World,

  • To provide a forum for CED leadership to test new ideas relevant to the field,

  • To conduct, publish and disseminate the results of practical CED research,

  • To impact policy in the area of CED,

  • To sponsor seminars and other educational events outside of New Hampshire, where community economic
    development (CED) leaders, government and organizational representatives, and other concerned members of the community and government may meet to exchange ideas, suggest solutions, and implement strategies to alleviate the poverty that exists in the United States and around the World,































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