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Murals of Change 


Date of Grant – October 2009
Grant Amount - $1,200
Purpose of Grant – Purchase of paint and muralists stipend


Precita Eyes Muralists invited a group of four muralists from the San Francisco Bay Area to travel to Palestine. The muralists conducted two community mural workshops with the purpose of teaching a collaborative creative process and completing a 15’x35’ foot mural paintings at a designated community center in Palestine. Participants of this project learned how to design and paint a monumental mural from start to finish. This 8 day workshop reflects the voices and ideas of the Palestinian community. The muralists worked with the children, youth, and adult community members in the creation of this mural. This mural project included participation of community volunteers.


Its sustainable value is that the volunteers trained others in the community and this created on-going engagement of youth in these two communities who were able to express themselves and their aspirations in non-violent ways.

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