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Savings Revolution


Date of Grant – March 2012
Grant Amount - $3,000
Purpose of Grant - Website Redesign and Launch


In January 2011, Paul Rippey and Kim Wilson, microfinance experts with many years and countries of experience between them, launched a website called Savings Revolution ( which was designed to be an independent voice reflecting the enthusiasm and excitement of savings groups, embracing divergent points of view, and inviting critical reflections on potential risks and opportunities. The site contains a variety of resources:

  • A blog, which over its first year had 110 posts by 20 bloggers; many of the posts led to rich streams of comments and discussion. 

  • A library of about 100 documents related to Savings Groups, hosted in coordination with the Savings-Led Working Group of SEEP. 

  • Podcasts, videos and photos

  • An on-line book about Savings Groups, with seven chapters, each written by a different author, and drafts posted so that readers can comment and make suggestions. 

  • A live blog during the Arusha Savings Group Summit in October 2011, in which a small team of volunteer reporters posted as-it- happened reports of many of the sessions.

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